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Re: Close up photos from S100 and Cheap Casio purple fringing on Fuji!

To be honest, I just put both cameras on auto and let the cameras decide what would be best for the photo, at the end of the day it seems I have changed my Fuji9600 to what I thought would be a better camera the S100.

perhaps there is a problem with the S100? I just can't believe the photos from the camera look worse than the cheap casio.

Your right, it does look like I was jumping up and down when I was taking the photo's with the S100 but can assure you I was holding very still, even if I was moving it around I am sure the 1/500ths shutter speed that it was useing would have froze any movement.

Now I have had the time and see that the photo's taken with the S100 are consistantly very bad, what is the best plan of attack with Fuji to get my camera looked at?

Because at the moment, I would rather take my casio out with me and the £400 fuji sit at home

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