Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Let's make it

I think the 1dsmk3 is very expensive now when compared to the 5Dmk2, & Nikon would struggle to sell a Nikon high res camera at a similar price to the Canon flagship.

With the 5Dmk2 & the A900 both C & N have very capable reasonably priced cameras which fill most of the the pros needs. Its inevitable that N will join them. But will it be in a D3 or D700 sized body. My guess is that it will be very similar to the D700 not the same a I believe the camera needs to have a 100% viewfinder. It will also have a similar price to the C & S cameras.

Due to the new cameras from C & S I think the premium cameras will move away from the current 36x24 sensor & towards a larger sensor, just like Leica are doing with the S2. I would hazzard a guess that both N & C are developing hybrid cameras based around a larger sensor. The camera will need a new range of lenses in a new mount to cover the larger image circle required for the sensor. How much would such a camera cost, well I think it will would not be as expensive as some people would think, perhaps just slightly higher than the price of a 1Dsmk3.

Hassy recently announced price reductions of up to 40%, why have they done this? Is it because with they think pros are getting similar IQ from the new high res C & S cameras or they have got wind that either C or N are about to announce a camera with a larger than 36x24 sensor?

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