Pixel density revisited

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Re: Resize filtering

DSPographer wrote:

I never tested Photoshop's resize.

While I realize that PS' resample algorithms are not the greatest, the previous reference to my statement was about the on-screen window zooming at less than 100%. It can increase image-level nose tremendously over resampling.

Most image-viewing programs do this, too. Irfanview does it in windowed mode, and full-screen by default unless you change the options. FastStone does it too, unless you enable "smoothing", etc, etc.

There is a conspiracy, conscious or unconscious, against pixel density. Coarse monitors, coarse printer dithering patterns, horrible downsizing methods, etc, all either dilute higher pixel density benefits, or actually make them look worse, when they are actually better.

These are the dark ages.

If our monitors had always stayed ahead of cameras in resolution, most of these illusions would never have happened.

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