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Re: Let's make it

nickram wrote:

Thom Hogan wrote:

As I noted before, stitch two D3 sensors together and you have a MF
camera that's probably the same size as a D3 that shoots in low
light, at 5 fps, and has better other systems (focus, metering,
flash, etc.) than any of the MF cameras. That changes the game, I
think, and the Leica S2 convinces me of that. The remaining question
is how big is the market, and that really is only determined by
price, I think.

Thom, are you making a case for or against the possibility that Nikon
is working on an MF hybrid instead of a high MP 35mm?

It is not a hybrid, and it is in the works. Like with Fuji S6, we do not know if it will finally be on the shelves.

does Nikon go from 12MP and two years behind Canon's 21+ MP

It is different - Nikon have 12 mpix DX sensor and can play stitching to make 24 mpix FX. They were skipping on that. They are also not in a hurry to put that newer SONY 24 mpix sensor into a top body. Maybe it is because they have a different idea on their minds to check first before deciding to go FX megacrammed sensor?

to a camera that rivals the Leica S2, don't they have a few basic baby
steps to cover first?

Beta/prototype testing goes not so visible to know those steps were not already left behind.

Could anyone dare believe that the long delay
for Nikon high MP is because all this time they have been working on
a "super" camera with a new format?

I think yes; but not necessary new format only. New sensor designs are also immanent, and should be used in both "old" formats.

Here's another, MF is about bit depth

Bit depth is ADC; well depth is what makes bit depth valid. For base ISO current sensors allow 16-bit ADC.

Nikon, needing to keep backwards compatibility with Nikon

Why is that? Why 100% compatibility is the must?

Can they introduce a completely
new system with new lenses and have true MF bit depth, sure, but who
here could afford or even care about that?

Here? As on DPR forums? Well, I know quite a few here who can afford that and will care.

If anything, that move
will only further alienate Nikon 35 shooters dying for a high MP
studio pro model.

Only if done alone; while accompanied with a high MP FX body it will only make Nikon's position on the market stronger.

The only thing that makes sense is for them to introduce a super 35
that uses traditional Nikon glass and is somehow superior to the high
MP Canons, and I mean way superior in terms of resolution.

Resolution is not the same as pixel count. Look at Canon 50D with its 15 mpix, it resolves only about the same as a good 12 mpix camera and much less then stone age Kodak SLR.

High resolution in a small format even if it is achieved will be strongly compromised in real world shooting by camera shake alone.

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