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Re: Let's make it

Thom Hogan wrote:

As I noted before, stitch two D3 sensors together and you have a MF
camera that's probably the same size as a D3 that shoots in low
light, at 5 fps, and has better other systems (focus, metering,
flash, etc.) than any of the MF cameras. That changes the game, I
think, and the Leica S2 convinces me of that. The remaining question
is how big is the market, and that really is only determined by
price, I think.

Thom, are you making a case for or against the possibility that Nikon is working on an MF hybrid instead of a high MP 35mm? There is just something about this issue that makes no sense, here's one thing: how does Nikon go from 12MP and two years behind Canon's 21+ MP to a camera that rivals the Leica S2, don't they have a few basic baby steps to cover first? Could anyone dare believe that the long delay for Nikon high MP is because all this time they have been working on a "super" camera with a new format?

Here's another, MF is about bit depth, the kind that 35 doesn't and likely will never have, and also something that costs 25 to 40K; putting 2 chips together does not create greater bit depth. The Leica S2 is not a 35mm system in an MF body, it's an MF system in a 35 body; Nikon, needing to keep backwards compatibility with Nikon lenses cannot accomplish true MF. Can they introduce a completely new system with new lenses and have true MF bit depth, sure, but who here could afford or even care about that? If anything, that move will only further alienate Nikon 35 shooters dying for a high MP studio pro model.

The only thing that makes sense is for them to introduce a super 35 that uses traditional Nikon glass and is somehow superior to the high MP Canons, and I mean way superior in terms of resolution. I wish they would, but I doubt they will also include high iso IQ in this imagined super camera because they know that would be the end of D3 sales, but that's another story.

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