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Re: Stick to what you know
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Well Prime, lets comment on your photos as you've posted them and I'll show you what I do know.

Photo 1....Totally out of focus unless the tree in the background was your subject
Don't try and say you were being creative. Two main subjects cut in
Photo 2....Foreground subjects in heavy shadow and totally unbalanced with the
reflected light coming off the ocean. Subjects left and right cut in half
again. Also subjects cropped through a joint ie elbow or knee ( basic
no no ) In focus this time though
Photo 3....Ocean in background blown out. Subject on left cut in half ( I'm
beginning to see a pattern emerging here ) Subject in middle cut
in half again but at least horizontally this time. Looks like the guy on the
right has a decent Canon slr and L glass. Is he a guest !
Photo 4....Colours, exposure and focus seem good. As a photo most of the
subjects have their backs to the camera and surprise surprise someone
on the left cut in half yet again.

You see Prime I also make money from photography and these pictures I'm afraid to say are pretty poor and I would'nt have posted them if I was you because you've shown what you know too and thats not a lot. If you're having this much trouble outside in good light what happens indoors in poor lighting when the art of using a flash or multiple flashes comes into play and inside the church were you can't use flash. You have broken all the basic rules of photography here with your composition and also not being able to realise how strong backlit situations affect the foreground
I'm sorry to be so brutal but you did ask for it. With both barrels.
I'll just stick to what I know and have learnt in 25 years of film and digital.

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