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Re: You do not need the concept of ISO here

Iliah Borg wrote:

Exactly, ISO here is a red herring. However sensor is covered with
the filters and microlenses, and if you take them off, Canon 1D MkIII
has sensor sensitivity very close to Nikon D3 retaining larger well
capacity and higher pixel pitch

That would have been my guess at where the sensitivity comes from, I would have though there's little to come from the silicon.

while one of the biggest differences
between SONY and Nikon versions of the same sensor pack are CFA and
AA layers.

Is the AA a layer, not a separate assembly, and presumably not even sourced with the sensor? It is interesting if Nikon is changing the CFA, since it is under the microlens layer. That suggests it's a Sony production option, and if the Nikon one has advantages, one wonders why Sony doesn't use it.

Canon 1D MkIII achieving ISO 100 (actually also depends on how one
measures it, I would say it is actually ISO 75 against ISO 135 in D3)
is in part the result of higher well capacity compared to Nikon D3.
The other part of the equation are different white balance
pre-conditioning factors between the two cameras.

That was what I said in my post. Well capacity is one of the design options for determining the Index of Sensor Output of a sensor.

One of the options Nikon have with SONY 24mp sensor is to perform
same AA/CFA rework they did with other sensors, and then it would
perform better.

Surely, it's unlikely its a rework. Unless Nokon is sourcing wafers from Sony, and finishing them to their own spec, one would expect the CFA at least to be done by Sony. If Nikon is changing the CFA, they would be putting on their own microlens layer, as well (since its over the CFA).

By the way, notwithstanding my technical sloppyness with respect to the term ISO, nothing in your post invalidates anything I said.

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