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Re: Close up photos from S100 and Cheap Casio purple fringing on Fuji!

You did read the reviews from any of the top 20 review sites before you bought it right? Every one of them mentions this issue. I'm sure any number of users will tell you either A) how to fix it, or B) they dont get the same out of their cameras.

In the shot named testfuji there is a white hose running through the lower right part of the frame, that white hose has a huge green fringe on one side and a purple one on the other. In the Casio shot you cant really see that hose so it can't be compared. The Fuji seems to be shot from a different location of a wider angle (I dont have an EXIF reader on this computer). If you want to accurately compare them shoot with the exact same settings on each including focal length. Not saying its right to have those huge fringes, just saying anyone surprised by it simply hasn't been paying that close of attention.
Good luck and hopefully you will get it sorted out quickly, Ted

mick stevens wrote:

Ok all, sorry about the name change, more on this further down

Here is are few close up parts from the earlier photos.


What really annoys me is the fact the cheap Casio EZ850 has taken
better photo's
The Fuji photo's def show the purple fringing in the left hand part
of the photo, it also shows in the top trees right hand photo how
blurred everything is.

I would like other S100 owners to check see if thay have the same
problem, because at the moment, if I was going to take a camera out
with me, it would be my cheap old Casio EZ850 which really has me
shaking my head while writing that last bit.

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