S100fs blurred photo's help

Started Oct 27, 2008 | Discussions thread
mick stevens Regular Member • Posts: 116
Close up photos from S100 and Cheap Casio purple fringing on Fuji!

Ok all, sorry about the name change, more on this further down

Here is are few close up parts from the earlier photos.


What really annoys me is the fact the cheap Casio EZ850 has taken better photo's

The Fuji photo's def show the purple fringing in the left hand part of the photo, it also shows in the top trees right hand photo how blurred everything is.

I would like other S100 owners to check see if thay have the same problem, because at the moment, if I was going to take a camera out with me, it would be my cheap old Casio EZ850 which really has me shaking my head while writing that last bit.

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