Pixel density revisited

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Re: Phil's gone quiet again

DSPographer wrote:

So how about this as a suggested
precessing chain:
Test images should be created both with default jpeg processing and
using raw conversion with common standard raw conversion software and
parameter settings.
Test images should be resized using ImageMagic with the Lanczos
filter option to a size where the long dimension has 3000 pixels (ex
2000x3000 or 2250x3000 etc).
Crops of the resulting image at a 1 to 1 pixel view of areas with no
details for examining noise and subtle detail for examining noise
suppression artifacts should be provided.

Very good suggestions. The new 50D review shows again that something like this is needed to stop the more pixels = more noise meme from spreading any further. Unfortunately the 50D review does nothing but reaffirms that false belief by punishing the 50D for having more per pixel noise than other DLSRs with lower pixel density. Unless new testing methods are introduced, most people will never understood what is really going on.

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