D90 RAW + PSE7 + ACR with camera calibration profile

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Re: D90 RAW + PSE7 + ACR with camera calibration profile

Hi Chris

I tend not to make much use of PSE catalogs but I've just tried importing a PSE3 catalog and it seems to have converted it OK. You may want to wait for the trial version to become available so you can test it for yourself.

Only glitch I've come across is when I foolishly tried to open over 170 photos in ACR in one go on my modest Pentium Core 2 Duo E6300 (2Gb) Windows XP PC. Guess what happened... yes, PC came to a grinding halt!

Since then, I've been opening around 30 photos at once in ACR without any problems.


cdun46 wrote:

John ,

Sorry to thread jack - I have PSE3 and am looking to upgrade to PSE7
: Any problems getting PSE7 to recognize photos from PSE3 Organizer ?
Any glitches to report in the upgrade from PSE3 to PSE7 ?

  • Chris

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