S100fs at the beach. Which Film Simulation mode works best?

Started Apr 26, 2008 | Discussions thread
GirinoFumetto Regular Member • Posts: 186
Re: You might wanna...

Waffelbcker wrote:

...try out "soft", too. At least that's what I'm using most of the
time now.

It's minimum ISO is 200, so I suppose (didn't find anything concrete
about it in the manual) that it uses some kind of DR200%. The colors
are warmer and more vibrant than provia but you don't lose so much of
your dynamic range.

Imho, "soft" is the most underrated film-simulation mode on the
s100fs. Give it a chance.

I agree.

I think that the term "soft" does not describe too well this mode. Your definition of it's color rendition is correct.

If somebody likes Velvia colors and not Velvia contrast, "soft" mode is a good choice.

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