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amc123 wrote:

Someone in the tread
also said they would shoot a wedding with one.

The "someone" to whom you refer would be me. And I did not say that I WOULD shoot a wedding with an S100fs, but that I DID shoot a wedding -- a wedding of great personal importance to me -- with one; and I also wrote that I had the option to shoot the event with a Nikon D200 plus two Nikkor lenses, and that I have no doubt that I made the right choice in selecting the S100fs over the Nikon.

Now, it happens that the couple being married, one of whom is our only child, hired a professional photographer -- who was well compensated, indeed -- to record the event,

and the pro -- who does upward of 200 weddings per year, knows what he is doing, and makes a career and living out of photographing weddings -- brought along two assistants,

and the hired gun has submitted to the married couple more than 1,000 exposures that the three professional photographers took at the wedding. The newlyweds have reviewed those images; they also have reviewed a sampling from the photographs that I took at the wedding; they have told me that the best images from that wedding were the ones that I recorded.

Now, the newlyweds may have been flattering me, and certainly the formal posed photos that the pros took are not duplicated in my set, so it is a very good thing that they hired the professional photographer. But, as to the images that I captured with the S100fs, the newlyweds are correct (he asserts, immodestly).

Well I must say they
are very brave indeed as you are probably at f4 by zooming to 40 or
50mm. A 28 - 400mm lens can not compare to an L class lens costing 3x
the S100.

Funny that you should mention L class lenses. The lens that I have fitted most of the time to my film camera, the film camera that I did not take to the wedding, is a Canon 85mm f1.2L, the best lens I have ever used on a film camera (and, yes, it was expensive). I love that lens; I have taken literally thousands of exposures with it; I am VERY familiar with what L class lenses can do. But I definitely made the right decision in leaving the camera with the L class lens at home and taking the S100fs to the wedding.

the wrong tool for the job. Ultimately even with superb iso
performance you still a serious lens ( without serious chromatic
aberation issues ) for the extra speed and the creativity of shallow
depth of field.

You really have no idea what you are talking about, do you? The lens on the S100fs is a very serious lens, certainly better than any low-end dSLR lens you can name.

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