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No Ted. The fuji S100 is a very nice camera and has a great focal range and has its faults like most cameras do but in the real world can not compete against a larger sensor slr. Someone in the tread also said they would shoot a wedding with one. Well I must say they are very brave indeed as you are probably at f4 by zooming to 40 or 50mm. A 28 - 400mm lens can not compare to an L class lens costing 3x the S100. If the S100 was satisfactory then we would not need cameras like the Nikon D3 but we do. I am saying if you need ultimate quality you would'nt use the S100. Some picture libraries will only accept enormous picture files from the likes of a Canon 5D etc. These people do know what they are talking about. If you go on a building site you will see carpenters using quality tools that make their working life easier and they need certain performance. I think you'll find very few photographers turning up to attempt a wedding with a Fuji s100 unless you want to pay for the wedding to be re done because you used the wrong tool for the job. Ultimately even with superb iso performance you still a serious lens ( without serious chromatic aberation issues ) for the extra speed and the creativity of shallow depth of field.

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