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Thanks for pointging out the misquote, you are indeed correct that he didnt say mediocre. He did however say "If quality was so so important to someone they would not buy this camera." My whole point in bringing any of it up was that it seemed to me that Dave let him slide completely on those comments only because he appeared to be arguing with Kim. What I think of this camera never entered into this post. I paraphrased his comments into mediocre and that was perhaps unfair but that is definately not my feelings on this camera.

Slides wrote:

tdkd13 wrote:

Funny how you went right past all the stuff where he said your S100fs
was a mediocre run of the mill point and shoot

Actually, he didn't say that, you did...and "mediocre" is your word.
He wrote this...

"At the end of the day your just talking about a bridge camera that
has run of the mill iso performance a lens crippled with chromatic
aberration and is quite slow at the telephoto end"

All of which has been refuted many times over on this forum and in
fact corroborated by the much quoted dpreview of the S100fs. And I

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