Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

Oh okay,

Well [Fox mode on] sources say that Nikon is busy with a D800 and a D3x...[Fox mode off]

Seriously. Some people in Japanese retail expect FF high MP 35mm format Nikon camera earlier next year (Jan/ Feb/ March) press and partners information end of this year. Usually the person is right...who said MF?

Oh yes, and if it is a 24MP sensor I bet for a bottle of Chablis it is based on the Sony sensor, deal?


Dan Wells wrote:

The Alpha 900 team was at PhotoPlus last week, and they let an
interesting tidbit slip... They claim that they convinced the sensor
division at Sony (the folks at PhotoPlus were camera designers) NOT
to sell the A900 sensor to anyone, in order to build Sony's camera
market share. Canon's been doing this for years, so it would make
sense for Sony to adopt the same strategy. If that is the case, the
highest resolution sensors currently available to Nikon (ignoring
medium-format sensors) are the 12 mp full-frame unit they are using
and possibly the 14.something MP cropped sensor that's in a couple of
Sonys and Pentaxes. If this is true, the rumors of a medium-format
Nikon may not be far-fetched at all (MF sensors are freely available,
although very expensive). If both makers of DSLR sensors (Canon and
Sony) have now decided to restrict high-end sensors to their own
products, Nikon either has to go medium-format at the high end,
design their own sensors or both. I can't see Sony cutting off the
supply of anything except full-frame sensors (they simply make too
much money selling the same crop-frame sensor to everyone and his
uncle), although I COULD see them waiting a few months to sell each
new sensor after they have it in an Alpha (for that matter, they may
let the A900 sensor go in January or so).
If Sony's playing that game, Nikon had better BOTH add medium-format
AND design their own sensors (they can get someone to fab them) -
being perpetually behind Canon and Sony in sensor technology, and
never being able to lead even Pentax (Sony will always sell the
sensor to Nikon and Pentax on the same day) is a very bad place to
be. The D3/D700 sensor is, at least partially, a Nikon design, and
it's a great sensor, so they can do it - they just need to factor
their own sensors into their high-end product cycles so they're not


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