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Get your facts right

tdkd13 wrote:

Funny how you went right past all the stuff where he said your S100fs
was a mediocre run of the mill point and shoot

Actually, he didn't say that, you did...and "mediocre" is your word. He wrote this...

"At the end of the day your just talking about a bridge camera that has run of the mill iso performance a lens crippled with chromatic aberration and is quite slow at the telephoto end"

All of which has been refuted many times over on this forum and in fact corroborated by the much quoted dpreview of the S100fs. And I quote...

Conclusion - Pros

Very useful zoom range

Excellent resolution and good edge to edge detail

Sharp, generally high-quality lens

Expanded dynamic range option (and it works)

Excellent high-ISO performance for a non-DSLR

Full photographic control, huge range of SLR-like features (real SLR-like handling too)

Bright, sharp, electronic viewfinder (better than most) and articulated LCD screen

Macro modes make lens even more flexible

Fast RAW performance

RAW processing software included

A lot of camera for the money

Still quoting...

It represents an awful lot of camera for comparatively little money and one that is more flexible than a DSLR kit for the same outlay.

More quoting...

The extremely useful zoom range, which goes from genuinely wide-angle to super-telephoto, essentially means that if you think you can see a photograph, you can shoot it. Wandering around with DSLR users is a telling experience - they may have to stop and change their expensive lenses, while the S100FS user can just get on with composing their shot. And in terms of sharpness, the lens is excellent through most of its range....unquote...

...and on into the night, thank you dpreview.

Seems that the disparaging remarks on the S100fs are from individuals that don't own and use it regularly. Go figure.


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