D90 exposure meter fine tuning ??

Started Sep 13, 2008 | Discussions thread
Brooks P Veteran Member • Posts: 9,183
Ken is not always right

Seems like Ken missed the mark on this one. This is not a service adjustment and it is not permanent, you can reset it anytime you wish. It is true that once you set it there is nothing that shows on the control panel or in the viewfinder to remind you that the exposure has been adjusted, but the change is documented in the Exif data. I just set the Fine tune optimal exposure setting to +3/6 and the following is what appears in the Exif data “Exposure Tuning: +3/6”.

Whether this is a solution to a non-existent problem is another matter. Matrix Metering is the panacea that many think it should be, and it is not the ideal metering mode for all shooting situations; the camera has two other metering modes for those times when Matrix isn’t the right mode. In high contrast scenes or scenes with a high dynamic range the matrix metering is likely to guess wrong. I say guess because that is what matrix metering is a guess, unlike Spot that actually relies on the meters reading.

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