Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Roger wrote:

For what it's worth, I understand that Nikon will be making a
announcement later this year stating they will be buying Fuji's DSLR
and chip division or buying into it. If this is true, problem
solved, good bye Sony.

Fuji might well be preparing to sell off their professional camera business, but if anyone is buying, it will be Shiro, not Nikon.

There is plenty of evidence (the same evidence that suggests their professional camera business might be for sale) that Fuji have completely exited the "35mm" DSLR business already. They won't be making any more APS-C sensors, and they won't be making anymore DSLRs. Given Fuji don't own a fab, and Nikon seem to be perfectly capable of designing class leading camera sensors on their own, what possible benefit is there for Nikon?

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