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... a friend asks you to photograph wedding

amc123 wrote:

If quality was so so important to someone they would not buy this
camera. Answer me this. If your friend asked you to photograph their
wedding would you use an S100 or turn up with an SLR costing a little
more. Don't forget you want him to remain a friend.

I can answer that directly. Our only child was getting married last month, and six weeks before the event I was in conversation with a very good friend of the family, bemoaning the fact that my own good camera is (an excellent) film camera, while our only digital camera is (a good for its category) Fujifilm F30, neither of which I regarded as ideal for the task of recording the most important day of our only child's life.

My friend asked me, "If you had your choice of cameras to shoot that wedding, what would you buy?" After some serious consideration of a lot of factors, I replied, "Fujifilm S100fs." She replied that she had been considering getting a new digital camera herself, and would be happy to buy herself an S100fs new and have it shipped to me (together with extra batteries and a pair of 4 GB SDHC memory cards and a polarizing filter), for me to use at the wedding, then send on to her after.

As it happens, another friend independently offered to lend me his Nikon D200 and two Nikkor zoom lenses, so I had nice alternative choices. I chose the Fujifilm S100fs, and do not regret the choice. During a ceremony that lasted about half an hour, I captured about 200 images, and during that time, I used both extremes of the zoom range of the S100fs's lens, and a lot of the range in between.

I have owned SLR cameras for 42 years, and I know how fast I can change lenses. If I had left either of the Nikon D200's zooms on the camera for the entire ceremony, I would have had the wrong lens on the camera to capture some scenes properly, and if I had changed lenses, I might have missed half of the best shots that I took at the wedding due to lens-change gaps. With the exception of purple fringing (almost exclusively at the edges of the frame, where it was not important) in the very wide-angle shots, I have no complaints whatsoever with the image quality that the S100fs yielded.

Having performed the exercise in real life, then, I can answer your (apparently rhetorical) question directly: if my friend asked me to photograph her or his wedding would I use an S100? Yes, definitely. Would I turn up with an SLR costing a little more? No.

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