Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: expensive strategy

bobn2 wrote:

They aren't delta encoders, they're single slope converters.

I stand corrected (although it makes perfect sense). I was sure I read somewhere that they were delta encoders, not that it counts for much.

But since they aren't delta converters it would require different
silicon, a 14 bit DAC for the slope generator and 14 bit count latch
registers in each column.

It is also completely consistent with the
reduced frame rate the D300 can achieve in 14 bit mode.

So is sampling four times.

Absolultely. A single slope converter would take [2* (13)+1] [2 (11)+1] more sampling cycles, ie 4 times.

I vote for non-existent. They are too large to be a simple mask option.

I agree. It would be silly to tape out a totally different set of recticles for such a trivial difference.

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