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Kim Letkeman
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hmmm ...

amc123 wrote:

At the end of the day your just talking about a bridge camera that
has run of the mill iso performance a lens crippled with chromatic
aberration and is quite slow at the telephoto end.

Them's fighting words in this forum

By the way, the S100fs has state of the art high ISO performance for a small sensor camera. It just pales in comparison to cameras in a higher class.

I agree, though, that the lense has serious CA issues ...

If quality was so so important to someone they would not buy this
camera. Answer me this. If your friend asked you to photograph their
wedding would you use an S100 or turn up with an SLR costing a little
more. Don't forget you want him to remain a friend.

You are preaching to the converted. Perhaps you should look back through my posting history before trying to shove my own opinions down my throat

It sounds to me that some people here are fustrated professors of
physics rather than just looking at things in a more logical and
simplistic way. The saying " You can baffle some people some of the
time but you can't baffle all of the people all of the time" springs
to mind. Also " Bull* t baffles brains" is another

You may not be trying to condescend, but you are still doing a marvelous job of it anyway

The technical side of photography is actually deeply complex ... and these forums are gear forums ... they are about the equipment. So this is the place for these discussions.

There are plenty of people who do not believe that the laws of physics are at play and end up saying and doing things that invite responses that are fairly technical. And they get them.

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