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Re: expensive strategy

avidday wrote:

Vince P wrote:

The A/D convertors on the D300 and A700 are completely different so
that's why they are different.

They are not "completely different". The A700 and D300 are using the
same basic "IMX021" sensor which uses column parallel delta encoded
A/D converters arrays fabbed directly into the sensor silicon.

They aren't delta encoders, they're single slope converters.

best, the only difference with the D700 is the ability to let the
A/D converters quantize in 14 bits. For delta encoded ADCs that might
require no additional logic at all, because they are basically just
counters, and to quantize to a higher bit count only requires more
counting (given there is enough accumulator and counter register
width and DAC precision).

But since they aren't delta converters it would require different silicon, a 14 bit DAC for the slope generator and 14 bit count latch registers in each column.

It is also completely consistent with the
reduced frame rate the D300 can achieve in 14 bit mode.

So is sampling four times.

If there are differences between the D300 and D700 quantization
circuits, all indications are that they range between minimal and

I vote for non-existent. They are too large to be a simple mask option.

Some more about the sensor can be found here.

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