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Re: How to set Custom White Balance

Not sure with the Rebel series, but on my 40D, I only need to to fill the metering circle, not the whole frame, to get my WB. I also just focus on any object (press shutter button ½ way down) then aim at my WB card (no need to set to MF).

Just my technique, but whatever works for you...

007peter wrote:
My easy technique for custom white balance:

1. Use 8x10" White Printer paper
2. Position it in the center of the shooting scene
3. Set the lens to (manual focus), since 8x10 white paper doesn't
have a focus pt.
4. Take a shot of the paper - it doesn't need to be in focus at all,
but the white paper should in the center and occupied 80% of the
photo scene.

5. Now, go to WB menu and select that Out-of-Focus photo for custom
white balance
6. Finally, select Custom WB in the White Balance menu

Sounds verbose, but it get very easy after a while. For example,
here is a shot I took under my very warm yellowish ceiling light.
But with custom wb, I can get the color I want:

jwittenmyer wrote:

007peter wrote:

As much as I love my canon gear, AWB isn't usable for me indoor. I
always resort to Custom WB to correct canon's mistake.

Do you carry a card to set the Custom WB, or do you set it by some
other means?

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