S100fs blurred photo's help

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Re: S100fs blurred photo's help
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I did'nt mean to sound condescending. As with all small sensor cameras ie compacts, bridge cameras you get massive depth of field virtually everything is in focus. Only a full frame sensor will give you anywhere near the shallow depth of field associated with a film camera. If the DOF is so important to somone they would'nt purchase a camera with a small sensor. It's like buying a Ford Escort and moaning that it has'nt got the speed of a Ferrari. When I was discussing crop factor it was purely in relation to focal length. If you purchase a Fuji S100 you have 28-400mm and that does'nt change of course and that is the most used term for crop factors, the different focal lengths obtainable swapping interchangeable lenses between different sized slr sensors.

All you are trying to do is sound more scientific than each other and really you don't do people any favours by this at all. You confuse beginners by baffling them with science. What is the point in waffling about equations of depth of field on a relatively cheap camera with a finger nail sensor made to a price costing a 1/2 of a decent independant lens. Lets put things into perspective shall we.

If you won't less depth of field get a bigger sensor camera and faster lens. Thats really the only way.

At the end of the day your just talking about a bridge camera that has run of the mill iso performance a lens crippled with chromatic aberration and is quite slow at the telephoto end.

If quality was so so important to someone they would not buy this camera. Answer me this. If your friend asked you to photograph their wedding would you use an S100 or turn up with an SLR costing a little more. Don't forget you want him to remain a friend.

It sounds to me that some people here are fustrated professors of physics rather than just looking at things in a more logical and simplistic way. The saying " You can baffle some people some of the time but you can't baffle all of the people all of the time" springs to mind. Also " Bull* t baffles brains" is another

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