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Re: S100fs blurred photo's help

I would have typed a very same type of post Andy, what AMC123 is failing to take into account is calculations involving depth of field. If you look at a depth of field calculator, such as this one on this site:

It is plain that crop factor is the dominant variable in the calculation. Since the boxes (variables) you must fill in to calculate DOF ask for ACTUAL lens focal length (not 35mm equiv focal length) and sensor/film size. Play with the numbers and it becomes aparent what the relation is. Maybe "crop factor" is not a term he (AMC123) is comfortable using in that context, but it is the one sort of forced on us by the equation. The variables for sensor size and actual focal length yield crop factor.

M87 wrote:

amc123 wrote:

And your simple explanation serves to show that you do not really
understand the issue.

The S100fs does not have a 28-400 zoom lens. It has a 7-100 zoom
lens and the 4 x crop factor associated with the small sensor gives
the 35mm equivalent. That same crop factor affects the depth of
field calculations. Crop factors DO concern anyone interested in
depth of field, regardless of the camera.

I made the same mistake when I first got the S100fs.


This is a thread which went into the issue in detail back in July.

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