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Re: Surprising numbers, and you'd be surprised...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

frozenlight wrote:

Re: How many PROs use Sony?

Well, if you consider the number who have been using Minolta AF for
decades, starting back when Nikon's AF strategy was, well, a little

And continuing to when Minolta brought out the 9000, a monster with
the fastest drive speed, top shutter speed, and top sync speed on the
pro market...

And those who shot portrait with the 135mm SF, arguably the most
interesting "controlled bokeh" and "soft focus" portrait tele (using
an apodizing disc instead of the Nikon and Canon approach of
manipulating SA)...

A quite surprising number.

OK so surprise me... name some published pros using Sony DSLR's...

Any Pulitzers shot with a Sony?

They've got both the Minolta and Konica heritage. Four Pulitzers just
with the X370, that's just one Minolta model, even before the Maxxum,
and a few for the Konica Hexar. Now, the Autoreflex-T, that's
something that probably should remain buried. With a cross nailed to
the inside of the coffin lid, to keep it from rising again...

OK. ZERO Sony DSLR's as I know. 60+ with Nikon. QED.

Gosh, Nikon must be terrified!

Of course not. But that's not the issue, is it?

Right. This whole issue is bogus. Sony will sell to anyone because they need economies of scale. Nikon may prefer to design their own chip and get Sony to fab it (as they have done in the past).

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