Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: How many PROs use Sony? Any Pulitzers shot with a Sony?

NikonProArtist wrote:

frozenlight wrote:

Gosh, Nikon must be terrified!


This discussion is interesting from a theoretical perspective, but
that is all. In the end it won't make one iota of difference whether
or not Sony sells their sensor to anyone else. If anything, Sony is
in such sad financial shape these days they have more reason to sell
products than ever before.


As for the the Pulitzer, from what I recall reading about a year or
two ago 65 of the 83 Pulitzer prize winning photos were shot by
photographers using Nikon equipment. That being said, who in their
right mind believes that photographers en masse are going to give up
their Nikon gear and replace it with Sony gear?

My guess... precisely ZERO.

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