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Re: expensive strategy

Vince P wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

The D300/D90 sensor is the same on a700 and, why the first has 14bits
and the second just 12bits??
The 14bits on D300 sensor I think is just a exposure time
manipulation, but the native tone gamma is 12bits.

There are several theories. I think the D300 simply reads the data
four times and adds the result to give a 14 bit sample.

No sensor has any bits as we understand it. Well technically on a
quantum level it does but effectively it's analog. It's the A/D
convertor that determines how many bits you get in your memory card.
The A/D convertors on the D300 and A700 are completely different so
that's why they are different.

Since the IMX021 sensor, which is very likely the one in the D300, has on board analog to digital coversion, and 12 bit outputs, it does in a real sense have 'bits' as we understand it. There is no hard information in the public domain that the A/D converters on the D300 and A700 are completely different, since Nikon has not released any. The Sony IMX021 documentation makes no mention of any 14 bit capability, and the 'four read' scenario fits the observed characteristics of the D300 14 bit mode, in my opinion. Others have other opinions, but no-one has hard information (unless you are claiming differently).

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