Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: expensive strategy

Alexramos wrote:

The D2H sensor was made for Kodak and don´t designed for nikon along.
Renesa is very posible the maker of D3 sensor.

Could you cite the source of your information that the D2h sensor was made 'for Kodak'. If so, it would appear that Nikon has a court case coming its way for all the false iformation they put out about the design of the LBCAST sensor. Nikon is the maker of the D3 sensor. There is no clear information of which foundry the silicon was processed in, although some have suggested Renesas - so far as I can see, this is based on no complelling evidence.

Sure, Kodak, Panasonic, Fuji (they don´t make their sensors)

That's interesting information, but wrong. Fujifilm do make their sensors, but since last year they have subcontracted wafer processing to Toshiba. I think Toshiba is at least as likely as Renesas to be undertaking wafer processing for Nikon also. since they already do it for Sony, that would be an interesting. Kodak's CMOS sensors are fabricated by IBM, in a fab which is process compatible with Toshiba and Sony. Complex, isn't it.

, and

Foveon are other company maker of DSLR sensor.

Foveon is also 'fabless', their wafer processing is done by Dongbu (I bet you've never heard of them! - one of the largest CIS oundries in the world, maybe the do the Nikon wafers!)

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