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Re: expensive strategy

Yes, Alex, Samsung is indeed larger than Sony. Go look it up. Not that it really matters, the point was that Samsung certainly has the capability to produce sensors, and like Nikon, Pentax may well have some of their own ideas about sensor design which may be incorporated.

I have certainly compared the two sensors, and of course noise isn't the only difference. Other differences are that the images from the Samsung sensor contain more detail (not a lot more, but some), better color, and smoother tonal rendering, at least to my eye. This is at low ISO, of course. And of course it's the same size as the Sony sensor, it's APS-C.

Alexramos wrote:

er1kksen wrote:

Alexramos wrote:

NOTE: is very funy read how people say
that K20D sensor is a design of Pentax/Samsung... please, Pentax is
like Nikon, they don´t design alone sensor.

This is getting kind of annoying, and also this: "the 14.something MP
cropped sensor that's in a couple of Sonys and Pentaxes"

It's also very funny to read about how Samsung is the largest
electronics company in the world, larger than Sony, and that they do
in fact make their own sensors. The 6mp and 10mp sensors in previous
cameras have been Sony designs, but the 14.6mp sensor in the K20D is
in fact a Samsung design, having nothing to do with Sony, and
especially nothing to do with the rather mediocre 13.5mp sensor in
the Sony A350.

This information is readily available to anyone who looks. It sounds
like some of the posters here seem to think that Sony and Canon are
the only companies making sensors, one post even seeming to imply
that canon uses sony sensors (it was difficult to descipher, however,
so I may be wrong). This is simply not the case: As pointed out,
Kodak and Fujifilm make sensors, Panasonic makes all the current 4/3
sensors, Samsung has put out the K20D sensor as well as many sensors
for video, and Nikon themselves have stated that Sony did not make
the D3 sensors. Some individuals with a bit of insider knowledge have
implied that a smaller sensor-manufacturing company located in japan
which otherwise doesn't have any presence in the photography
industry. And yes, they do have the experience to design sensors. A
corporation is not a singular entity. It's a group, and they can hire
the people to do the job if they don't have the know-how in the first
place. They've been designing the sensors for their flagship cameras
from the D2H up.

Clearly, some of the posters here know what they're talking about
quite well, and I fear they may be the only ones who read this, and
they're not the ones who need to.

Learn before you post!

Sure, the GX-20/H20D sensor is a Samsung sensor and don´t a Pentax
sensor, but you are wrong...
Samsung is not longer than Sony, but it is not important Samsung is a
great electronic company with a very good products.
The 14MPx on a350 is a CCD, very different to 14MPx CMOS sensor on
GX-20 in noise, but the noise is not the onlyone feature of a sensor.
Has you compare both sensor to ISO 100-400 in resolution, details and
The a350 sensor is as so sharp like a100 sensor, the most sharpen and
details sensor CCD until now, a new version of D200 CCD sensor and
the same on D80 camera, but with a different design in microlenses.
The Samsung sensor has the same size of Sony sensor and both company
make about 50% of all APS-C sensor on digital camera now (Samsung,
Pentax, Sony, Nikon).

The D2H sensor was made for Kodak and don´t designed for nikon along.
Renesa is very posible the maker of D3 sensor.

Sure, Kodak, Panasonic, Fuji (they don´t make their sensors), and
Foveon are other company maker of DSLR sensor. Kodak now is not make
sensor for DSLR just for S2 is the last.

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