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Re: expensive strategy

Alexramos wrote:

Is many probably that CMOS 12MPx APS-C was a agreemend between Sony
and Nikon for a sustitute of D2x and this sensor had some time in
design. Maybe then Nikon choose FF for D3 and used the CMOS 12MPx on

There are probably very many agreements, since Nikon is Sony Semi's major customer in the DSLR sensor market. Who know's what's happening. I wouldn't be surprised to see a D60x with the A350 sensor, for instance.

Sony from 10MPx CCD haven´t sold more DSLR sensor and is logic, Sony
is in DSLR market.

The logic is more that their customers have gone elsewhere. They OEMed to Nikon, KM and Pentax. Pentax is now supplied by Samsung, the other two remain, although KM is part of Sony. I would uess that the Nikon roadmap doesn't include any more CCD, and the IMX021 woill find its way down to the low end next year

The D300/D90 sensor is the same on a700 and, why the first has 14bits
and the second just 12bits??
The 14bits on D300 sensor I think is just a exposure time
manipulation, but the native tone gamma is 12bits.

There are several theories. I think the D300 simply reads the data four times and adds the result to give a 14 bit sample.

Nikon has a big problem:
-Don´t has other APS-C sensor now

I suspect that the consumer road map is based on the IMX021. Nikon will shift of that sensor than Sony.

-Don´t has other FF sensor now

You know what's in the Nikon development labs?

-Nikon don´t has the experience for design a sensor alone or built it
(How can Nikon has experience and make a better sensor if never,
never, they have made one)

Nikon has made two, the D2h sensor and the D3/D700 sensor. If you don't believe that it made by Nikon, then why does it say 'Nikon' on the chip?

NOTE: is very funy read how people say
that K20D sensor is a design of Pentax/Samsung... please, Pentax is
like Nikon, they don´t design alone sensor.

In that respect Pentax is not like Nikon, since Nikon has designed sensors alone.

-They are looking for a new supplie (Microsoft??, MF maker??)

Nikon has a problem similar to the new sensor, BIG. They used the
same D300 sensor on D90 because doesn´t has other.

Or else because 12.3 MPix was a suitable spec for the camera, and fitting it in the higher volume camera will result in economies of scale.

They will use the same D300/D90 sensor on the D60 sustitute and the
D700 was a escape way for its market.

Very likely that sensor will find its way to the low end. What has the D700 got to do with it?

The FF 12MPx CMOS sensor on D3/D700 is good?? sure, is a excelente
sensor, but it can´t be compared with FF 24MPx CMOS sensor on a900.

Some aspects can be compared. Obviously, it is a different sensor for a different purpose.

The quality and performance of Nikon FF sensor is for pixel size and
ISO dedicate and the Sony sensor is for resolution, details and
sharpen image.

The Nikon sensor is 1/3 stop more efficient, and that has nothing to do with pixel pitch.

The FF Sony sensor has a very good image quality to high ISO, is very
similar until ISO 3200 to D3/D700 sensor from RAW image.

It is much better than it gets credit for. However, low ISO performance is not sensor limited, rather it's read chain noise limited. It's at high ISO where the intrinsic efficiency of the sensor shows.

Nikon know and used for many years Sony sensor and to say now that
Nikon doesn´t want the Sony sensor because it is 12bits or has not
the quality, is stupid, Nikon need the Sony sensor and ever they have
used them, but now the market and history is defferent and them
sensor are not available.

That's one point of vie, just not a very sensible one.

Look the Sony forum or web site of Minolta/Sony and you will see to
many Nikon user asking for a900 and buying it. The a900 is a good
point in the actual market and a good solution for Nikon user that
want a high resolution DSLR and D3x never came.

Some people have the money and don't ant to wait. Some are looking seriously at the 5DII, as well. Nikon does need a product in this place quite quickly.

Saving for Sony 70-300SSM G
I would like change my a100 for a350...

Brand loyalty wins of rational discussion, again.

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