S100fs blurred photo's help

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Re: S100fs blurred photo's help
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Yes but you don't need to worry about a crop factor on a camera were you cant take the lens off like on a compact or a bridge camera like the s100 do you. Only on an independant lens that you swop between a full frame digital slr like a Nikon D3( or film camera ) and then take it off and put it on a smaller APS camera like a Nikon D200 when you then get a different focal length. You don't appear to understand whats being said. Crop factors do not concern lenses that are fixed onto the camera because they will always give you the same focal length. If you could take the lens off the S100 and put it on say a S6500 then you would have a crop factor because the sensor is smaller on the S6500 and the lens would give you a longer focal length.
Do you understand now!

Do you realise people have 6 or 7 lenses from using film cameras and then digital came along. SLR's, first with the smaller APS sensors and all their lenses were different focal lengths when put on a digital. These are the only people concerned with crop factors not someone with a digital or bridge camera. Thats why full frame cameras are so expensive because they allow photographers with £10,000 pounds worth of lenses to use them once again with no crop factor.
I have explained this as simply as possible

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