Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Two inconsistencies...

Where on earth are you getting this from? For one thing what Konica people got taken in, Sony took over what was part of Minolta before Konica got a hold of them. Any assimilation looks to have gone very well. Move the staff into a building from KM to Sony, make the Alpha group it's own Division (SONY AMC) and have the minolta folks basically keep doing what they were doing. There has been no hint of problems on this front, if there were any, it would be all over any A mount forums. Those who deal with Sony insiders routinely would have posted it on their websites or mentioned things in forums. Also considering how Sony has been cranking out some very nice gear, that has maintained a lot of Minolta in it (cause it basically is minolta) and sales have been way up for the system, even if there has been issues it's definitely not hurting the end product.

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

And considering how badly the
assimilation of the Konica and Minolta people into the Sony corporate
culture is supposed to be going,

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