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Re: S100fs blurred photo's help

amc123 wrote:

-You don't get a crop factor with a bridge camera. The lens is fixed
to the camera.

The crop factor for the 2/3" sensor is 4. You multiple by 4 the aperture on the S100fs to get the effective aperture for a 35mm camera from a depth of field standpoint. You multiple the lense focal length by 4 to get the effective focal length for a 35mm camera. You didn't think the tiny lenses compact cameras actually had focal lengths up to 105mm, did you? They actually stop at around 24mm.

Crop factor is very real and affects all cameras if you happen to like to benchmark against full frame .. and who doesn't?

A crop factor is only of any importance to you if you
have a lens that fitted a film camera ( or a full frame digital )
were on either of these a 100mm will stay at 100mm and then you put
this lens then on say a Nikon D200 with APS sized sensor were it will
then be equivalent to a 150mm lens. ( x1.5 Nikon or 1.6 on some

It is of important for any camera where you want to easily compare depth of field at a certain aperture to another camera with a different crop factor.

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