Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

Started Oct 29, 2008 | Discussions thread
Iliah Borg Forum Pro • Posts: 28,439
Re: Why wouldn't Nikon want to ADD a 24 mp camera if they could get the sensor?

I'd bet Nikon would have used a Sony fullframe sensor in the D3
if it would have been available last year.

As a matter of fact, no. D3 target was quite different then that.

Iliah, I didn't mean to imply that Nikon would have used the 24mp
sensor last year. I was just saying that there weren't any FF Sony
sensors available at all last year.

Possibly I'm missing your point. Are you suggesting that Nikon last year could be using this sensor in a body similar to D3 making something like D3X?

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