Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Let's make it "odder"

It works if you drive the masses to it and make it more affordable and more of the norm. If Nikon or Canon start doing MF, then its likely to become more mainstream and more non pros will lust after them if you make the price right.

You have to in my opinion of consumerizng MF, to make it work.

Toss what seems like a pro model out, make it tempting

then offer a reduced price one to start getting new users into the MF mount, perhaps even a cheaper Zoom lens..

its kinda like giving away MAC computers to schools so you start building a next generation of users for your product.

As a company it can actually take some pressure off Nikon to deliver something new after the perfected 24MP 35mm DSLR.

Think Roadmap, if your Canon and Nikon, where are you going next after the 20MP range when you have built already a noise expectation in lower pixel models?

Think ahead! Its why Film was so ripe to Die! They need some place to grow and a new larger mount may help.

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