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amc123 - interesting to hear someone suggest


Suggested routine for new camera or new lens test - set the camera on a tripod with a repeatable subject (I use an old railroad engine with tender in a park - it is always available, always the same, and photographing it does not upset the police.)

Now using the self timer expose 3 shots (normal +1 stop, -1 stop) at every shutter speed, ISO, and lens setting you think you might use. It is best to plan these on paper in advance, and I use a chalkboard to show the settings on the scene itself. I prefer RAW because it is the most flexible, but use what you expect to shoot.

This often takes a couple of boring hours.

You now have a record of the best the camera can do with a subject you know, at every setting you use.

When you have a real-life shot you are not happy with - comparison will tell you what the camera is CAPAPABLE of at these settings. Adjust your technique accordingly.


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