S100fs blurred photo's help

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Re: S100fs blurred photo's help

-You don't get a crop factor with a bridge camera. The lens is fixed to the camera. A crop factor is only of any importance to you if you have a lens that fitted a film camera ( or a full frame digital ) were on either of these a 100mm will stay at 100mm and then you put this lens then on say a Nikon D200 with APS sized sensor were it will then be equivalent to a 150mm lens. ( x1.5 Nikon or 1.6 on some Canons)

As for the pictures you posted. They look very good to me. Raising the ISO as you say would not make them clearer but the opposite. I have a 50mm f1.4 Nikon lens and it only starts to get really sharp at f4 and by f8 it will cut your eyeballs looking at the photos so you have to get to know your camera by taking photos of the same scene (as in your photos) at different aperture settings and see which setting comes out sharpest for a landscape. Try all the sharpness settings. You may find the lowest setting in camera and sharpening them in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro gives you a much better photo than using the highest setting in camera ( once oversharpened there is no way back )

Basically you have to get to know your camera inside out and this will help you understand your photography better. Try and keep away from Velvia settings as generally it will just produce high contrast images with blown highlights that are difficult to work with.
It's not rocket science.

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