Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Let's make it "odder"

Octane wrote:

I'm sorry but I don't think what you said makes a lot of sense.

I'm sorry: though I'm on your side on this one, that particular remark, for some strange reason, made me think of...

Can you show where someone promised you, in writing, that things were going to make sense? Not even "a lot of sense", but any sense, at all? Even occasionally?

Assuming Sony keeps their 24 mp sensor why would Nikon rather develop
a medium format sensor than an FX one? Doesn't make sense.

The whole MF rumor is just plain wishful thinking.


The market is way
too small to develop a new system trying to compete with some well
established brands.

Also agreed.

But there is one possibility that we are ignoring.

Yes, medium format can be considered to have "failed".

Yes, MF sales have decreased at a steady 40% per year for the last 20 years.

But maybe, just maybe, it isn't the medium format concept itself that is faulty, but the business models, the companies currently making them, and their disaster of a distribution channel that is flawed.

Maybe, just maybe, in the hands of a Nikon or Canon, MF could work. Double the sensor area, kill off the 4:3 aspect ratio and go to 2:3, and offer a lens range that includes an 80mm f2.0 normal and two or three f2.0 portrait length teles, and a couple of f2.8 wides (35mm has a shallow DOF advantage over existing MF systems because MF only increases the diagonal by about 40%, which is a 1 stop improvement, but they waste it by making all the normals, wides, and portrait lenses two stops slower). Then shock the world with a 75mm f1.4 normal.

And then a quad area (double 35mm diagonal) sensor, 50mp with the D3 basic cell.

The possible marketshare for Nikon would never
pay for the R&D.

It might, if they did it clever enough. They've got the processor, the UI, the sensor tech (if whoever they've got fabbing the D3 sensor could stitch that same cell up to

Just because there are a few MF sensors available
doesn't mean Nikon would build an MF system. That's a lot of R&D and
manufacturing capacity to create a product with very small sale
numbers. Those resources would make much more revenue on products in
the SLR line.

True. However, a move like this would have ripples such as destroying the entire existing MF industry, and bringing the existing users (I'd estimate around 25,000 customers) into the Nikon fold. That's a potential 250,000,000 a year, say $10K/year/customer (based on two $15k cameras, $10k in lenses with about a 4 year replacement cycle on cameras and a lesser replacement cycle, but new lens, flash, software, etc. additions of $2000/year).

Just a pipe dream, doubt it could ever happen.

But there is just enough money involved to make it worth while, if they can recycle enough existing tech.

What Sony developers say is most certainly based on making their own
company look good. Using that to make conclusions about Nikon's
strategy is a little too thin for me.


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