Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: expensive strategy

Tiffles wrote:

That is going to be one expensive sensor for Sony then - wonder how
much they think they will sell in their own bodys. Also, don't Sony
and Nikon have a long business relation in terms of 'sensor pooling'?

How about this pure imaginary bit: Nikon wasn't happy with the sensor
Sony made (no movie function, live view, noisy, in sum worse than
what the new Canon sensor is hoped to be) and now have to design one

Well I think Nikon may be considering other options, but not for those reasons. The A900 sensor is pretty much an upscale of the sensor in the D300 and D90. With that they manage movie function and live view. The noise is also not nearly as bad as made out. At equal output sizes, it seems to be in the same ballpark as the D700, by comparisons done on this forum, just not quite there (in fact, pretty much the 1/3 stop worse I suggested). If people insist on looking at high density cameras at 100% crop, then they're always going to go on about the noise.

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