S100fs blurred photo's help

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Re: S100fs blurred photo's help

One of the first things I did with the S100FS was checking whether there is a visible detrimental effect of full open aperture and f/8 and f/11 by printing some shots on A3 size. Well, it takes the eyes of an eagle or a magnifying glass to detect differences that MIGHT be related to diffraction. I also concluded that the largest possible aperture at any focal length doesn't harm picture quality.
The keywords in real life photography are "visible detrimental effect".

quote "Even when a camera system is near or just past its diffraction limit, other factors such as focus accuracy, motion blur and imperfect lenses are likely to be more significant. Softening due to diffraction only becomes a limiting factor for total sharpness when using a sturdy tripod, mirror lock-up and a very high quality lens." unquote

And I would like to add..... all photographic detrimental effects will become visible on 'too large' prints observed from a 'too short distance". Grtz. Blanche

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