Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Two inconsistencies...

Iliah Borg wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

A good reason for Nikon not to use the A900 sensor in a flagship
model is that it has become better at designing sensors than Sony (or
Canon, for that matter).

Interesting how you manage to have two assumptions in one sentence

Yes, but there is some evidence to back the assumptions up.

Evidence of what? Why it is necessary that 24 was meant for a
flagship as in a D-one-digit?

Of course, it could be that Sony and Canon are better at designing

Wrong interpretation.

OK, if the right interpretation is that it might not be used in a flagship, then I covered that later in the post - apart from the possibility that it goes in a D700 body and not a D3 body, but surely that would be a strange thing to do.

BTW, SONY 24 megapixel sensor has unmatched resolution So they,
SONY, are indeed better in this respect, and given colour is
suitable, moire is very rare, it makes A900 look really good - so
good that those who never actually tried it start putting it down

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Resolution is just one respect. Several cameras have smaller sensels with better efficiency (not least all the 10MP 1.6x Canons). The other part of that achievement is stitching those small sensels onto a FF sensor, but one would have to assume that required substantial support and expertise from their stepper supplier. The hard thing, it seems to me is efficiency, and there Nikon is top of the tree, even the 50D sensor is 13% short. If Nikon can keep the same efficiency for a smaller pixel pitch (and the Canon sensors suggest it doesn't change with pitch) then Nikon should be able to make a sensor which outperforms the Sony one in all respects, including resolution (and it might be anticipated that their foundry's stepper supplier would give the required support).

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