Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Two inconsistencies...

Dan Wells wrote:

I, too, was surprised to have a Sony rep say that openly, but he
clearly did - and it was a technical person, not a low-level sales
type. He may have been upper-level sales, but was clearly VERY
knowledgeable, dedicated exclusively to the Alpha 900 and quite
distinct from the (much younger and mostly female) booth folks who
were just passing around cameras for people to look at.

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I had a similar encounter with a Sony rep at Photoplus on Thursday. I asked one rep if I could use my memory card in an Alpha 900 to use for comparison viewing, and was told it was ok. Another (more senior?) rep overheard the conversation, and said that Sony was having problems with noise levels on the camera and was working on a firmware update to address the problems, so I couldn't do the testing. I was not surprised that I wasn't allowed to take the photos, but was surprised that the rep would give me an excuse like he did. Seems like they were very outspoken. The question is whether they were factual. Time will tell.


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