Final word on 50D noise?

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Re: to take resizing out of the equation

WillShootPhotoscom wrote:

To me the key when comparing different generations of cameras or
brands, or whatever, is to see what the sensor actually captures, and
100% crops are what will tell you that. When things are re-sized (so
that one image can have the same content as another) it ends up
losing info in the image that was scaled...

You shouldn't lose detail (or very little ) by scaling up.

Yes - in the end the final thing is to see how it hangs on a wall...
but if you have a better image to start with, it'll be better on the

How can you judge which is better to start with if you're comparing a smaller image of the same frame with a bigger image of the same frame?

IQ is about the quality of the image as a whole image/frame.

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Cheers John, Adelaide Australia; ; 50D, 40D, F100fd

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