Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Two inconsistencies...

I, too, was surprised to have a Sony rep say that openly, but he clearly did - and it was a technical person, not a low-level sales type. He may have been upper-level sales, but was clearly VERY knowledgeable, dedicated exclusively to the Alpha 900 and quite distinct from the (much younger and mostly female) booth folks who were just passing around cameras for people to look at. There were a couple of folks there who clearly identified themselves as design team, but the fellow who told me this wasn't one of them - he seems to have been some sort of high-level tech support person with Sony's US operation (the comment was made in the context of an involved technical conversation about the camera). If what Thom says (that this would be a firing offense) is true, and I have absolutely no reason to doubt Thom, who has been around cameras and computers for decades, then someone at Sony made a major slipup... Who knows if it's true...


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