G10: Remarkable detail...

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Re: G10: Remarkable detail...

"ctrl + b" works well, too.

but most times some auto levels and some minor usm works just fine. i've got a nice action for quick b&w conversion too. p&p is a drag.

k_strecker wrote:
Soooo right!

It seems like the thought of using curves to correct white balance on
a boring old jpeg sends people into shock. Guess what, jpegs can take
a serious post processign beating before anyone will start to catch

borisboomboom wrote:

timpdx wrote:

Lots of detail, but I do see LOTS of jpeg artifacts.

really? at 100%, perhaps?

doubt anyone would notice w/ all but the largest print size.

using raw is not for everyone. i'd venture to say a good amount of
people waste their time with it (and other equipment and software
distractions) while neglecting more important aspects of making good

now i'm not referring to you, timpdx, but whole bunch of raw shooters
love wasting time attempting to eek out an extra three percent on,
what often amounts to, a lousy photograph of a bee or a flower or a
test chart or brick wall.

but whatever floats their boat.

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