Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

Interesting thought that the Sony camera dept is feeling the heat to improve sales and suggesting that the new sensor will not be available to other companies to keep a competitive edge.

The reason I went with Nikon and bought a D70 so many years back was Nikon seemed like they were a camera company. I just had a conversation with a photographer friend who switched to Canon and now he is looking for a comparative RAW converter to NX2 (because he likes it so much). I said, there really isn't anything that can layer on a RAW level. I make this point because Nikon makes photography decisions. It took awhile for Capture to become NX2 but they are really getting it right. Just like the D3/D700, they got it right.

When Nikon goes into a higher MP camera they will do it their way. Whether it will be a huge hit or not will be decided by the vision of what the photography product it suppose to be. Be it higher DR, better Low Light capabilities, an MX offering, less chroma noise and a more film like luminance noise sensor filtering system. It seems to me that Nikon likes to think outside the box more than other companies or put another way, try to produce a camera with photographic guidelines that match a Nikon image vision. So the decisions of what a high MP camera should be as a photographic tool might have a waiting period until the proper technology to fill that vision is found. I think this is slightly different that how other companies look at their camera production. The 5DII seems like, we have this technology so lets see how we can use it and make some money. Nikon says we need to create or find technology that can make a camera do "THIS THAT WAY".

Another thought is that a high MP camera is not meant to be a PJ camera and all those people that want high ISO production may be decidedly disappointed. I don't expect any high MP camera to have high ISO capabilities. It is a studio/art camera and higher DR would be the greatest improvement and asset to such a camera. Couple this with mind blowing detail and I think Nikon will have another world class winning camera.

I really don't think Sony's 24 MP sensor filled the bill and Nikon held off on using it. I love Nikon for the way they approach designing and making cameras. I wish they would do better with their lens design and production. Especially since they were originally an optical glass company.


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