Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Guessing we see a 24 MP Nikon

I think the delay is simply part of the agreement with Sony. Nikon will do better on the noise but it will still be nothing like the 12mp offerings. D2x and D70 come to mind but better sense Nikon has the best NR technology now. The point in referencing those cameras is that people still by noise machines and just as they will buy the Sony and did the Kodak, they will by a Nikon that will be best in class.

I predict an end yer announceement and a Spring Release, say April to Jun, somewhere in that window. If they are smart they will announce soon to stive off the drifters to Canon that will go there for the higher MPs on the 5D, or wait till after Xmas to keep the impact down on the current model sales.

I am guessing that if we look at Nikon history, they will arrive in the High MPs with Sony sensor and then follow with a D4 using a really nice new Nikon Sensor next year that will really make major improvements. We can look for a D4 in 2010.

Say we eventually get a D4 with CAM FF 5000 AF, and maybe ISO 3200 D3 Like Pictures at ISO6400 on a High MP, I think you have a winner. Guessing Nikon will attack DR better in the D4 as well and may introduce some new tricks like a 12MP HDR mode where we can get a 12MP HDR image where the pixels half and half the DR load. Basically they can suck off half the data in mid exposure, expose a little more and suck off the other half. Heck they could even read the full 24MP 2x if they do more parralell processing.

Look for some cool things in the D4 and a very D3/D700 like camera in the x models.


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