Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Why wouldn't Nikon want to ADD a 24 mp camera if they could get the sensor?

michaeljberman wrote:

Some of the folks who add to this forum may find it hard to believe,
but Nikon does have hight standards, on there Pro DSLR's. This
statement is not a putdown on Sony, but maybe for the market that
Nikon is looking for for a 20+ MP camera, the Sony may not meet the
needs (ISO, IQ, DR ect)

I doubt it. The A900 is testing very well in everything except ISO over 1600. There seems to be a lot of speculation that Nikon is more capable of designing a sensor than Sony, but I've never understood why. Sony has been at this a long time, and I'd bet Nikon would have used a Sony fullframe sensor in the D3 if it would have been available last year.

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